We provide exceptional service to a variety of clients in the industrial and commercial sectors, including construction, steel mills, utilities, hospitals, robotics and manufacturing facilities.
Custom Manufacturing is a privately owned company that started with small fabrication projects and evolved into a full-service manufacturing company with expertise across many disciplines including welding, fabricating, gear-cutting, and machining. Today, we successfully manage projects that ship to destinations throughout the United States as well as internationally.  We utilize both CNC and manual machines to provide versatility and to complete clients' projects as efficiently and precisely as possible.  Furthermore, the combination of our expansive bays and our overhead cranes provide ample space for assembling finished products.
4821 Harrison Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15201
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Drum Roll Assembly
Crab Carriage
Bridle Roll Assembly
Valve Stand
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Phone: 412-621-2982,
Fax:     412-621-2983, or
Email:  CustomManufacturingLLC@gmail.com

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