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Spur Gears
Maximum Face:  18"
Maximum Pitch Dia:  48"
Pitch: 1-1/2 to 24 DP

Helical Gears
Maximum Face:  14"
Maximum Pitch Dia:  13"
Pitch:  3 to 24 DP

Worm Gears
Maximum Face:  8"
Maximum Pitch Dia: 36"
Pitch:  2 to 16 DP

Spline Shafts
Maximum Face:   18"
Pitch: 2 to 24 DP

Maximum Face: 18"
Maximum Pitch Dia:  36"
Pitch: 1/2 to 3 DP
Gear Department

Custom Manufacturing can produce gears to many specifications that you may require.  We have the in-house capability to produce our own weldment blanks on-site.  Our welding department has extensive experience and has serviced a wide array of industries.  Additionally, our machine shop utilizes CNC lathes, vertical and horizontal boring mills, and keyseating up to 2-1/2" wide x 15" long to allow us to produce many different parts expediently.

Gear Box Repair

Custom can rebuild your gearbox completely within our facilities.  We can repair and machine gear box housings, with welding, sleeving, and machining on our horizontal boring mills.  Our machine shop can turn, mill, and key all parts within a gear box. 

When we receive a gear box for quotation, the unit is cleaned, torn down, and inspected.  Once the damage is located, we will prepare a quotation and submit it to you.  All work performed on the unit will be done within our shop by our craftsmen. 

Reverse Engineering Services

When you do not have a drawing, the item is obsolete, or the item is no longer manufactured, we can help.  Bring or ship your gearing to us and we will identify it for you.  Drawings can be provided upon request.  We can also advise you as to whether an upgrade in your gearing would be right for you.
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Pinion Shaft
Spur Gear